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Meet Joe

Washington presents endless problems to our way of life. Our National Debt is out of control. They want our guns. They think the First Amendment only pertains to them. Our southern border is an open door. D.C. forces our classrooms to introduce socialism to our children. Oil and gas policies hurt our way of life. Inflation is out of control and hurts our families.
Like you, I'm
FED UP with the federal government.
I have spent my life in East Texas. My family moved here in 1962 to work in the oil patch and it’s fed our family for four generations. Kilgore is home. I grew up with firearms, being in the woods, and playing on the water. As a kid, I mowed yards and worked at Brookshires to make money. After graduating from Baylor University and attending Columbia Seminary, I couldn't wait to return. East Texas is where I was raised and where I chose to live. It was the right place to raise my family, create and grow a family business. I am not a lawyer. I am not a politician. Like you, I'm a proud East Texan. I know what it's like to work hard to provide and all the struggles that go with it.
We need a fighter to represent us in Congress. We need someone that is like us. I've stood up for people's rights and what was right my entire life, but I also know my manners. I've been voted the Friendliest person in Kilgore by the Kilgore News-Herald. I have served on various boards such as the Gregg County Boys and Girls Club and the Tyler Homeless Coalition. I founded and directed "DiscipleWater" (an organization that operates in India and several countries in Africa providing Clean Water Treatment Plants and Christian Curriculum to schools) and "Lunch@thePark" (a homeless feeding ministry in Tyler). Mentoring has been important to me.  I helped create "MyBr1dge" (a mentoring program), I have even had a book entitled “Unleashing the King in the Kid” dedicated to me for being a  difference-maker. 
I am an outsider candidate who doesn’t have a membership to the Smith County political bubble. I am not someone who settles and I am not the one to be quiet. I don't quit. I aim to familiarize Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party with the stubborn persistence that comes out of having to push to succeed. You know exactly what I'm talking about if you grew up here. I am from East Texas and I am All About East Texas.
Help me take the values of East Texas to Washington D.C. and make it an unforgettable experience for the coastal elites.
Yours in the fight,
Joe McDaniel

Meet Joe
Joe On The Issues

Joe On The Issues




East Texas First

The first and only criteria that will matter to me as your representative is this: is it good for East Texas? That might mean that I buck the party leadership. It might mean that I make a few big money people angry who are accustomed to buying their influence. If it’s not right for East Texas, then it won’t get my vote or my support.


Pro Second Amendment

God gives us the right to protect and defend ourselves.  The 2nd Amendment protects us from a government that would try to take that away.  East Texans use guns to protect our families. This is very simple: no one anywhere in our federal government has any business telling East Texans how to manage our guns.


Keep Vaccinations Voluntary

America is a free country.  People belonging to a vaccine hesitancy group is nothing new. It's not anyone's business if someone is vaccinated or not. Your body is your body. No one should put anything in your body that you don’t want in your body. That shouldn’t be controversial at all.


100% Pro-Life

Killing an unborn as a to