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East Texas Native Joe McDaniel Enters Texas’ 1st Congressional District to Focus On East Texas

East Texan Joe McDaniel, a conservative, common-sense Republican, and business owner, joins the Texas District 1 Congressional race today ready to fight for the things that are near to the heart of the people of East Texas. Inflation, the national debt, gun rights, our southern border, and oil and gas are top on the list of priorities and are at the forefront of his campaign.

“We need a fighter to represent us in Congress. We need someone who knows East Texas and has an East Texas mindset. I have stood up for people’s rights and what was right my entire life. I am an outsider candidate who does not have a membership in the Smith County political bubble. I am not a Politician. I am not a Lawyer. I am an East Texan, just like you. This is where I was raised, this is where I want my family to be. I am from East Texas, and I am All About East Texas. Let’s take some East Texas common sense back to Washington D.C.” - Joe McDaniel

A proud third-generation East Texan, McDaniel has been extremely active in the community and has devoted his life to helping others. He has been on various boards and has been very active on the Tyler Homeless Coalition. McDaniel is an active philanthropist, founding and directing programs such as Lunch@thePark, a homeless feeding ministry in Tyler. He continues to mentor within the community and helped to create myBR1DGE. McDaniel attends the Bar None Cowboy Church, in Tatum, TX.

More information about Joe's campaign can be found at

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