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Joe McDaniel Endorsed by Constitutional Political Author

Texas author Robert West, known for his popular political book "Five Star Plan," has endorsed Joe McDaniel in the race for Texas 1st Congressional District.

West said, "I have endorsed Joe McDaniel. Every Five Star Candidate is a Republican but not all Republicans are Five Star Candidates. If a candidate has not received The Five Star Plan endorsement, ask them why." Joe McDaniel is running against longtime politician Nathaniel Moran, and West chose to endorse McDaniel.

McDaniel said, "I'm grateful that Mr. West recognizes my allegiance to the Constitution and to the people of East Texas. The Five Star Plan, a well-written book, details the importance of term limits and avoiding career politicians. The founders of this country never intended for politics to be a career, but my opponent has been at it now for almost twenty years. It's time for someone new who has no ties to big money and special interests."

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