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WATCH: Nathaniel Moran Reveals His Refusal to Take Concerns about Election Integrity Seriously

East Texan Joe McDaniel, a conservative, common-sense Republican and business owner, has released a shocking video of his opponent, Nathaniel Moran, in which Moran dismisses voters’ concerns about election integrity and the use of electronic voting machines as “conspiracy theories.” What Moran didn’t know is that just ten minutes later, Congressman Louie Gohmert would utterly contradict Moran with facts.

The video shows both men speaking at a candidate forum on February 12th. When asked about the security of electronic voting machines, Moran mocks such concerns as “conspiracy theories” and asserts that such machines can “never ever ever” be connected to the Internet in Texas.

The next speaker, Gohmert, tells the audience that one of the two main reasons he got in the primary race for attorney general was that “not enough has been done to secure our elections.” He then spoke of evidence he’d seen in 2018 and 2020 of manipulated voting counts associated with electronic voting machines, such that “it looked to me that there was probable cause to seize the laptops, the voting machines, the software, and flash drives.” He also told of how there is a slot in the machines for a modem, which would allow them to be connected to the Internet.

Joe McDaniel, in releasing the video, said, “We need a fighter to represent us in Congress. We need someone who knows East Texas and has an East Texas mindset. For Moran to completely disregard the concerns of the people shows that he isn’t ready to represent the people, nor would he stand up in the vicious battles in DC to represent their valid concerns as Louie Gohmert has.

“I have stood up for people’s rights and what was right my entire life. I am an outsider candidate who does not have a membership in the Smith County political bubble. I am not a politician. I am not a lawyer. I am an East Texan, and I’m concerned about election integrity and the security of these voting machines just like you. It’s recklessly naïve to wave such concerns off as ‘conspiracy.’ The people deserve better.”

Ironically, the following day, Biden administration officials at the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) urged a judge not to release a damning report on Dominion Voting Systems equipment in Georgia. It seems that Moran would side with the Biden administration and trust the machines, not listen to the honest concerns of voters.

A proud third-generation East Texan, McDaniel is active in the community and has devoted his life to helping others. He served on various boards and has been active on the Tyler Homeless Coalition. McDaniel is an active philanthropist, founding and directing programs such as Lunch@thePark, a homeless feeding ministry in Tyler. McDaniel attends the Bar None Cowboy Church, in Tatum, TX.

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